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Monday, June 20, 2011
Sometimes a photographer has fun... at least my clients do. These days I look at a photo and see the technique involved in creating that art image. I know what lens they used. Many times I will know the DSLR  camera model (especially if they are using a Nikon). I will see the mistakes and where they have post processed to cover over those mistakes. But the question remains; what is photographic art?

Making art, viewing art, liking a certain type of art. It seems to me all of that is a feeling. Advertising has stolen, or corrupted (or to say it nicely), co-opted the traditional symbols of art. They use the childhood experience, the connection of a loving couple, the pull of family and home. Themes such as these touch a deep part of my soul. The wildlife and nature themes, being free and untethered while watching a beautiful sunset is another strong symbolic image that invokes a feeling in me. I love a great sunset and want to snap photo after photo of one while it is happening. But is this ART? What is ART?

Is this photo artistic, inspirational, angelic? How does it make you feel? If the technical aspects of photography are met (and in some degree that may not matter), Art brings out some sort of emotional response in the viewer.

Growing up as a child I had art and antiques all around me (my family was in the business) on a rotating basis. I took drawing and painting classes from age eight through to my current age. I studied the master painters; their use of color, composition and technique. I studied drawing in all types of mediums; exploring shape, line and tone. Now I am a photographer and these concepts are as important as ever. But, I ask myself again... do I create ART? Technique and understanding how to use it is one side of the coin. Style, interpretation, creativity, expressing a feeling is the extension of all that photography technique.

I think there are many talented photographers that would benefit by getting away from the pixel peeping and step into a more organic exploration of Art. Develop some understanding of traditional art techniques. Many of the greatest photographers in history studied the traditional visual arts before taking up photography as their main form of expression.


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