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Easy UniWB tutorial for Nikon D700, D3, D300

Wednesday, July 20, 2011
This tutorial will show you the real steps to installing uniwb on your Nikon D700, D3, D300 What is Uni White Balance or uniwb for short? It is a way for the photographer to bypass the in-camera processing multiplier applied to the White Balance. Why would a photographer want to do this? In order to get the most accurate tonal reading during the capture photography phase.

UNIWB is only for RAW file shooters. When a photographer loos at the image on the built in camera screen or looks at the channels histogram they are looking at a JPG interpretation of the RAW data. The cameras processor multiplies the captured data of the red, green and blue channel by a certain number depending on which camera you use. As a RAW data shooter, we want to see the actual data, uninterpreted by the cameras internal programming. Using UniWB gives you this ability. It bypasses the computer interpretation of white balance (which is usually wrong) so you can set the best ETTR (exposse to the right) capture.

For a more technical elaboration on UNIWB you should  do a search search for Iliah Borg or uniwb. This tutorial is not about why to use UNIWB but how to load it on a Nikon D700.

I have loaded UNIWB on my D200 and D70. The Nikon D700 adds an extra step because you have to put the data onto a CF card via a card reader.

To download the Nikon  D3/D700 uniwb files goto... ... and unzip the folder.

To download the Nikon D300 uniwb files goto ... and unzip the folder

Step 1. Format your CF card in the Nikon D700
Step 2 take a photo
Step 3 goto shooting menu on your Nikon D700 and then manage picture control
Step 4 goto save edit -->> choose any picture control -->> hit ok -->> then save it with a name
Step 5 goto manage picture control again -->> load/save -->> copy to card and choose the picture control you just made to be put onto your CF card.

Now you have 2 folders on your CF card.... one Named Nikon and one where the photos are stored.

Step 6 Take the DSC_0001.NEF file (this is the UNIWB file) from the zip folder and rename it with the name of the photo you took after formatting your card. Now replace the photo file on your camera with the renamed UNIWB file.

Step 7 The other part of using UNIWB is to have a flat curve in your picture control file.The corresponding ncp file in the download is this flat curve. Take the piccon01.ncp file, in the NIKON folder from the zip file and replace the file in the Nikon folder on your CF card with it. Before doing this I would name it linear or something you will remember as associated with the uni white balance. - now put the CF card back into the camera.

Step 8 goto shooting menu on the camera -->> White Balance -->> preset manual -->> select a slot to put the white balance photo onto and click the pad -->> select image -->> and the camera will automatically go to the photo on your camera -->> then set with another click of the controller pad.

Step 9 goto shooting menu -->> manage picture control -->> load/save -->> copy to camera -->>and choose the picture control you put onto your CF card.

To use the UNIWB you need to choose the PRE White Balance assigned to the UNIWB setting and use the picture control Linear (which is what I named my UNIWB flat curve picture control).

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Now you will have green photos but an accurate histogram portrayal of the data your camera captures. This is the main reason for using uniwb, accurate luminosity in all three color channels. But, I must also warn the photographer that uses uniwb; that you must shoot RAW and be an experienced post processor.

Post processing uniwb takes decision making. You have to decide what the true white balance of the photo actually is during post processing. Furthermore, since you are using a linear curve, you will have to make decisions about contrast, saturation, tone curves. Essentially, the camera does nothing but capture the binary 1,s and 0's of the digital language. Truly, unwb is all about being a lover of photography. It is an easy process but it adds another step to the process of making a pretty photo.

My next blog digital photography tutorial is about color correcting uniwb files.

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