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Occupy Wall Street Media delay

Wednesday, September 28, 2011
While going to a photo shoot today I glanced at the front page of the New York Times. Three photos of protest pictures. I looked more closely and was astonished that the photos were of a French protest in Paris. The Occupy Wall Street protest has been going on for over 12 days now and they never received anything more than a few City Room articles. Mostly badly researched and way behind the curve with what is actually going on.

I have spoken directly to the many of the photographers and editors of the local papers. The NY Post and Daily news. One is focusing on the bad police officer who pepper sprayed the protesters and the Daily News is just waiting for the NYPD to confront the Occupy Wall Street people in Zuccotti Park.

This is becoming a National movement. The disinformation that does get on the Nation Media is terrible. No message. Teenagers and hippies with nothing more to do. I know of three local unions that have joined with the Occupy Wall Street movement. Grandmothers, college graduates, white and blue collar workers are here representing all facets of the American Population. Don't believe the National Press at this time. Look deeper, search for what is really going on here.

Here is an example of how the press controls opinion -

Occupy Wall Street at Union Square
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To me this is about getting our voices heard. The 99% who have no money to pay lobby groups or government officials. Occupy Wall Street are people who understand that together we can make a difference. To all the people who have felt despair about their own situation or the direction the country has taken over the past decade, Occupy Wall Street is there for you. The peaceful, togetherness and united viewpoints are a place you can feel at home. Where you can hold your head up high and say, "thins need to change and this is the peoples country". All kinds of people.

The Occupy Wall Street March on Tuesday Sept. 27th ended at the Postal Service to stand united with the Postal Union. This erosion of jobs, the middle class and our rights to collectively represent ourselves has to stop. The more people that hear about the true movement the more we grow. Michael Moore, Susan Sarandon, Cornel West, Democracy Now have all come down to visit the peaceful protesters. Now it is your turn.


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