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Occupy Wall Street in Photos

Thursday, October 13, 2011
The Occupy Wall Street protests are almost 4 full weeks old. I have been documenting the activities since the fourth day. There is no question that this movement has grown horizontally in all directions to form a spectacular community. Zuccotti Park (Liberty Square) has become more than just a meeting place. It has become a community, with infrastructure and cohesion. Any news/media reports of rampant sex, drugs and unsanitary conditions at Zuccotti Park are just out right fabricated lies.

In actuality, the Occupy Wall Street gathering is a vibrant, artistic, intellectual and diverse movement. Last Saturday we had a creative, peaceful and enjoyable art show at 23 Wall Street. Ironically, this address is the old J.P. Morgan headquarters, now housing the voices they repress.

Occupy Wall Street art show
Occupy Wall Street art show

Occupy Wall Street at 23 Wall Street

Performance art at 23 Wall Street

Occupy Wall Street Protests Signs

Art show at 23 Wall Street, JP Morgan Headquarters

On Wed. October 12th 2011, Amanda Palmer of the Dresden Dolls performed for the Occupy Wall Street movement at Zuccotti Park. I must say, she was fierce. Her ukelele/singing performance was energizing. She was inspiring.

Amanda Palmer of the Dresden Dolls @ Occupy Wall Street

Amanda Palmer of the Dresden Dolls @ Zuccotti Park

Amanda Palmer of the Dresden Dolls @ Zuccotti Park  
NYC Protester
These are just a few events that go on daily at Liberty Square or Zuccotti Park in New York City during the Occupy Wall Street protests. We do not have time to sit around because the only thing we can think about is "this is the moment for change". It drives us everyday. We spend countless hours, as volunteers, planning, creating and enacting ways to connect with people all around the world. The Occupy Wall Street live stream has connected with over two million viewers in the past three and a half weeks. On any given day we march or an outside group marches to Zuccotti Park in solidarity with our message. Corporations have too much power in the decision making process that affects the lives of every human being on Earth without accountability. Every day they destroy peoples lives all in the name of increasing profit.

Message projected onto a building wall

The New York Police department has spent millions of dollars protecting a street and a building. The New York Stock Exchange on Wall Street is locked down. During the Occupy Wall Street art show, the police surrounded the building with six horse police, 48 uniformed officers and a dozen motorcycle police. They stood their with nothing to do. The art show was across the street from the New York Stock Exchange but we were happy just to see some art, listen to music, socialize and have a nice night out. we felt safe because the police were on the other side of the metal barriers, separated from interrupting our human rights.

Millionaires March in New York City

Millionaires March in New York City

Millionaires March outside rupert murdoch Apartment

Millionaire March at rupert murdochs apartment on 5th Avenue

Outside David Koch apartment on Park Avenue in New York City
The Millionaires March was an outside organization that Occupy Wall Street supported. All the building we went to had private security guards (as seen in the background) intimidating people. A private army for the rich 1% in America.

Get involved with your local Occupation. has information to connect with people. On October 15th, the world marches  - I really expect tens of millions of people worldwide to march. The 99% of the world. Occupy Wall Street lives on and is growing every day.


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